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Partnerships Driving Opportunities

Oil & Gas well in a prairie


Oil & Gas producing states have been left with the burdensome task of "plugging" legacy wells when there is no longer an operator to take responsibility.  With limited resources and competing obligations, this becomes an inefficient use of tax-payer dollars.  Rebellion Energy Solutions is able to supplement these efforts by working with states to manage this process and/or taking liability from states to manage in parallel.  This work means all legacy wells may be addressed properly.

clean environment


Our relationship with both landowners AND operators allows us to generate projects that most could not.  When we take over the liability from operators and work on behalf of landowners, the focus shifts from business to well-being.  This shift allows us to focus on a wholesome decommissioning process without having to balance the competing interests of business.  The footprint of our oil & gas past is significant leaving high quality project candidates across the United States.

Field of flowers


By creating relationships with organizations aligned in their values and interests, we are able to maximize our own impact.  These organizations often have additional impact throughout the communities we serve and play an important role in educating the public of our efforts, and the continued need.  We believe that as we build partnerships (expected AND unexpected), we create connections that align us all into the future.

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